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Solutions to Reduce Noise in the Analytical Laboratory

Vacuum Pump enclosures by MS Noise

Laboratories with mass spectrometers and scanning electron microscopes are often annoyingly noisy. The culprits? The ubiquitous vacuum pump, that steadily whines at an irritating 500Hz. Or a water chiller chattering in the corner. Or the high pitched whine of an ultrasonic bath.

The MS Noise solution? A Noise Reduction Box, a specially designed soundproof acoustic enclosure made of plastic and special materials to improve noise absorption.

Noise reduction boxes, manufactured by MS Noise, are guaranteed to reduce noise by half, or 15 dB(A). Decibels are a logarithmic scale, so consider that these enclosures reduce noise by half, and provide EIGHT TIMES more sound suppression than acoustic enclosures that claim to reduce sound by 7 decibels.




MS Noise™ Soundproof Enclosures

Noise reduction boxes consist of two main parts: a base and a cover. Installation is very easy and is achieved without tools or disconnecting the appliance.

There is convenient access for system checks and maintenance. Some models have a side window to check oil levels, and a side trap door for access to the screw ballast.

Pipe and cable connections are enclosed by polypropylene brush material, which provides protection against dust and contributes to additional soundproofing.

We accommodate virtually all models of vacuum pumps, water chillers, and nitrogen generators.



Note oil mist filter remains inside the vacuum pump enclosure

Thick polyurethane acoustic foam material covers the interior part of the box. The foam has open cell construction that delivers very good noise absorption. The wavy form factor of the foam multiplies absorption capacity by increasing the surface area for sound reception. The foam is fire resistant and complies with FMVSS 302 and DIN 4102 B3.

The noise reduction level obtained by the combination of foam and plastic structure, with the pipes and cable inputs/outputs closed by a brush polypropylene is guaranteed at 15 dB(A).

Our boxes are built for installation on the floor, thus precious bench space is not wasted. And they can also accommodate mist filters.

Think about it; you get some peace and quiet, and your pump emissions do not have to circulate in the lab.

All requirements related to lab safety are taken into account in the construction (ventilated box by bearing fans, use of non flammable materials, and use of heat resistant materials). MS noise reduction boxes conform to the European directive related to low voltage equipment 73/23/CEE.



Cooling fansHeat Control Enclosed devices concentrate heat. The typical enclosure ventilation system consists of two fans with a total air flow of about 240 m3/h, or over 1000 air exchanges per hour inside the box. The fans have long lasting ball bearing mounts, which guarantees quiet operation and much longer lifetime.




Optional oil panOptional oil pan . This steel oil pan is equipped with four vibration absorbing caster wheels, in order to be able to move the pump and box easily. Two of the four wheels are equipped with a brake blocking system.



Temperature alarm provides visual and audible notice of over heatingOptional temperature alarm. If you are very concerned about the operating temperature of your device within the enclosure, an audio-visual alarm, standard on some models and an option on others, provides insurance that the system is operating at best capacity.