Quiet Vacuum Pump Enclosures – Solutions to Reduce Noise in the Analytical Laboratory


Quiet Vacuum Pumps, Water Chillers, Nitrogen Generators & More Achieved with Soundproof Acoustic Enclosures

Laboratories with mass spectrometers and scanning electron microscopes are often annoyingly noisy. The culprits? The ubiquitous vacuum pump, that steadily whines at an irritating 500Hz. Or a water chiller chattering in the corner. Or the high pitched whine of an ultrasonic bath.

The MS Noise solution? A specially designed vacuum pump enclosure made of sound absorbing materials to improve noise.

Noise reduction boxes, manufactured by MS Noise, are guaranteed to reduce noise by 75%, or 15 dB(A).

Features of MS Noise Soundproof Enclosures

High Quality MaterialsNRVP_Box_acoustic_foam

Materials of construction include high quality flame and oil- proof automotive grade acoustic foam, selected to provide long lasting sound absorption in a warm enclosure.

Superb VentilationSoundproof_Enclosure_Ventilation_Fans

Aggressive ventilation removes the risk of your device over heating inside the enclosure. Each fan delivers about 60 cfm of flow through the enclosure.

Easy AccessMS_Noise_enclsoure_hose_access

Access slots allow convenient entry of hoses and cords into the enclosure. Polypropylene brush material prevents any noise from escaping.



Panels on the side of the enclosure make ballast checking easy.




Easy Access to Pumps inside Enclosure

The top panel of all enclosures lifts off for access. The larger double enclosures have doors in the front.



Secure Connection

To prevent electrical power loss due to accidental removal of MS_Noise_Plug_Connectionthe plug, a lockable bayonet style connector secures the connection.



Popular Soundproof Enclosure Options

Stainless Steel TrayMS_Noise_SS_Tray_with_Casters

Heavy duty stainless steel tray with four casters, two lockable, helps when the enclosure needs to be moved around.

The tray also acts as secondary containment of vacuum pump oil leaks, which may contain hazardous chemicals.


Over Heat Alarm

soundproof-vacuum-pump-enclosure-temperature-alarmAlthough every effort is made to keep the temperature inside the enclosure cool, there may be instances of overheat, particularly if there is a loss in power to the enclosure. This occurs most often if power is disconnected to the enclosure.

A battery supported overheat alarm delivers an audio-visual alarm in the event of an overheat condition inside the enclosure.