Dual Vacuum Pump Enclosures

Save Space: One Enclosure for Two Vacuum Pumps

Many high resolution mass spectrometers have two vacuum chambers, therefore the need for two rough pumps. Rather than use an enclosure for each rough pump, we offer one larger pump enclosure that can accommodate both vacuum pumps, thus reducing space requirements and reducing cost.

soundproof-vacuum-pump-enclosure-nrvp-box-ORBFor Thermo Orbitrap Owners, DBL-Box-ORB

This dual pump enclosure is designed to fit conveniently under the Orbitrap table, thus reducing pump noise by 75% with zero impact on lab space. Includes standard oil pan and casters to ease access to pumps for oil changes, etc. This quiet vacuum pump enclosure is compatible with the two Edwards E2M30 vacuum pumps that are standard with Thermo Orbitraps. Shown with optional overheat alarm.

Length: 69.5 cm/27.4 in, Width: 45.6 cm/18 in, Height: 54 cm/21.3 in

soundproof-vacuum-pump-enclosure-nrvp-box-DB30DBL-Box DB30 Vacuum Pump Enclosure

This dual pump enclosure is larger than the NRVP-Box-ORB, and is designed for other MS with two vacuum chambers. This vacuum pump enclosure can accommodate:

  • Two Edwards E2M30 pumps
  • One Leybold D10E & S25B
  • Two Leybold NT10 pumps
  • One Leybold NT10 & one NT16

Length: 74 cm/29.1 in, Width: 50.6 cm/19.9 in, Height: 58 cm/22.8 in

DBL-Box-SV65 Double Vacuum Pump Enclosure

DBL-Box-SV65_for_two_Leybold_Sogevac_SV65_vacuum_pumps2This is our largest pump enclosure, meant to accommodate two vacuum pumps such as:

  • Two Leybold Sogevac SV65
  • Two Edwards XDS 100, or XDS46i & XDS 100
  • Two Agilent/Varian MS40+ vacuum pumps

Length: 72cm/28.3 in, Width: 86.3 cm/34 in, Height: 55 cm/21.7 in