Enclosure Demo Sale!

As part of the 10 years of distributing MS Noise products, we occasionally get some units back, for various reasons. Some were the wrong size; there were some customers with unexpected financial difficulty; and yes, some were damaged.

This page has a current listing of enclosures offered for sale, at very attractive prices.

To find out about availability, call us at 1-888-669-1233, or email info@farhawk.com

soundproof-vacuum-pump-enclosure-nrvp-box-sNRVP-Box-S Vacuum Pump Enclosure

Offered with oil pan and casters. Soundproof vacuum pump enclosure compatible with:

  • Edwards : E2M1.5/E2M0.75
  • Pfeiffer Duo 2.5
  • Many GAST vacuum pumps

External Dimensions: Length: 46 cm/18.1 in, Width : 26.1 cm/10.3 in, Height : 40 cm/15.7 in
Included oil tray adds 9 cm/3.5 inches

These enclosures were returned because they were the wrong size. They have not been used in a lab. The shipping box has been changed.

These enclosures include the enclosure, the tray, and overheat alarm.

List price: $2,093.00
Demo Price: $1,459.00, including delivery in the USA

Model DBL-OM Vacuum Pump EnclosureDBL-OM-vacuum-pump-enclosure

Universal sound-proof vacuum pump enclosure recommended for practically all large vacuum pumps

External Dimensions: Length : 67.5 cm/26.6 in, Width : 38.5 cm/15.2 in, Height : 47.3 cm/18.6 in
Optional oil tray adds 9 cm/3.5 inches to height

This unit was returned due to electrical issues, which were caused by a faulty power supply. It has an overheat alarm, but does not have a tray.

List price: $2,569.00
Demo Price: $1,759.00, including delivery in the USA. (Yes, a working power supply is included)