The Value of A Quieter Lab

What’s All the Noise About?

A hockey game should be noisy. A laboratory should not. Noise in the lab is distracting, irritating and stressful. Your job is exacting, one that requires concentration. So how do you reduce noise in the lab? Get rid of the persistent steady whine of vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pump enclosures reduce noise and increase productivity.

Vacuum pump enclosures are a relatively new idea, and not everyone immediately realizes the advantages of a quieter work environment.

Noise in typical office environments is about 40 db. Normal conversation is 60 db; a laboratory, depending upon the instrumentation and acoustics, can easily have a noise exposure approaching 70 db, twice as loud. The limit set by OSHA for continuous exposure to noise is 85 db over an 8-hour period, similar to sitting next to a gas lawn mower running all day.

How valuable is peace and quiet?

Some compare the cost of a vacuum pump enclosure to the cost of a vacuum pump. The true comparison should be the enclosure’s contribution to a better working environment in the laboratory.

You paid tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for your instrument. Yet you tolerate the whine of the vacuum pumps for every second of operation.

Studies report a significant loss in learning ability between a noisy classroom (60 db) and a quiet one (45 db), and physiological reactions identical to increased stress.
Why, then, should noise be tolerated in a mass spectrometry or SEM lab, where learning, analysis, and complex problem solving are intense activities that require concentration?

Soundproofing your vacuum pump will make your laboratory quieter, easier to work in, and more productive.

Vacuum pump enclosures are a sound investment.

MS Noise floor-mounted enclosures possess the high quality of a product you expect to last a long time. They are manufactured with 6mm thick ABS walls and 45-50 mm of heat-, oil-, and flameproof insulation material. Robust (and quiet) cooling fans rated for 100,000 hours (or over 11 years) of operation dissipate heat within the enclosure.

Our enclosures are large enough to accommodate both the vacuum pump and oil mist filters, and have an interior buffer zone to prevent pump over-heating.

If you find yourself yelling in the lab in order to be heard, or find the noise affects your concentration, relax. There is a solution.