Vacuum Pump Oil Drain Kits

Finally! A Fast and Handy Way to Change Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum pump manufacturers recommend regular oil changes to prevent damage to the rough pump and to extend pump life-time. This recommendation is very often neglected and the result is that vacuum pump life-time is often shortened.

Why is vacuum pump oil not changed regularly?

Changing the vacuum pump oil is difficult. Oil leaks everywhere and heavy pumps are hard to move around.

Extend the life of your vacuum pump. Save time on your maintenance. Perform vacuum pump oil changes in an easy and clean way, without tools, even in very difficult access areas such as below or behind a bench.

Two different kits are available:

vacuum-pump-oil-drain-kitVacuum Pump Oil Drain Kit

Fast, easy and clean oil change – compatible with all vacuum pumps!

New MS Noise™ Oil drain valve consists of a ball bearing valve with quick connector to install on the vacuum pump. Adapters are compatible for all vacuum pumps.

To install, remove the oil drain plug from your pump and install the ball bearing valve. Leave the original o-ring in place and use the correct adaptor threading provided in the kit. Make sure ball valve lever position is closed. The valve should remain in the closed position during operation.

To change the oil, disconnect the power on the vacuum pump, attach the provided plastic hose to the quick connector, open the valve and let gravity do the rest. Remember to close the valve before adding fresh oil.

Price: $215 each, delivered. Specify make and model of pump.

Video_Oil_change_drain_vacuum_pump_edwards_e2m28Vacuum Pump Oil Drain Pump

In a hurry? Pump out the old vacuum pump oil with our Vacuum Pump Oil Drain Pump.

To operate, connect the Oil Drain Pump to power; connect to the oil drain valve; insert the oil waste hose into a waste container ; open the ball valve ; put the pump switch to position ON; sit back and watch the oil being pumped out!

Price: $630 each. Includes one oil drain kit & delivery.