Water Chiller, Nitrogen Generator, & Ultrasonic Bath Enclosures

Vacuum pumps devices are not the only that contribute to the noise of a laboratory. Now we can provide acoustic noise enclosures for water chillers! Nitrogen Generators! And ultrasonic baths!

Soundproof_Enclosure_for_Thermoflex_900_1400_water_chiller_2Enclosures for Water Chillers

We currently support sound proofing for Thermo (NesLab) 900, 1400 & 2500 brand chillers.





Soundproof_Enclosure_for_polyscience_6206PWater chiller enclosures are available for all PolyScience 6000 Series chillers




We can also accommodate LabTech and Merlin brand chillers

Enclosures for Nitrogen GeneratorsSoundproof_Enclosure_for_Domnick-Hunter-LCMS20-2

Enclosures are available for Domnick Hunter NTR-DHG4 Model (LCMS20) and Peak NM32LA nitrogen generators.




Enclosures for Ultrasonic BathsSoundproof_Enclosure_for_Ultrasonic_baths

Finally! You do not have to endure the whine of the ultrasonic bath any more! These enclosures reduce the noise emission from ultrasonic baths by up to 20 DbA. They also extract any vapors that may be released from the bath.